Ada Garvis



Rising 3rd Year


Artistic Director

Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hello, my name is Ada Garvis and I am running for Artistic Director. Since my first year, I have invested much of time into salsa club. Those time investments have varied from showing up to every lesson in my first year, auditioning for showcase, practices twice a week in preparation, to finally choreographing my own dance for the club. I have worked my way up through the club and have seen the dedication and care that is required to keep this club as welcoming and fun as it is now. There is always room for improvement however, and that is why I want to run for Artistic Director. I am passionate about Salsa club in more than one aspect. I truly feel that the time I invest into the role of Artistic Director will be constructive and genuine because I love it. My qualifications include:

  • Shadowing under our current Artistic Director, Maddie Oxford

  • Planning and organizing dance shows in my senior year

  • Working with companies to order t-shirts for showcases for my previous school

  • Booking dance space for my previous dance school

  • 16 years of dance experience

  • Being a very well organized person

I would love the opportunity to serve in this role not only to maintain the quality of what the club has to offer, but because out of everything I do here at UVA, Salsa Club has been my favorite and most loved experience. I would love to give back to the club in a way that serves everyone.

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