Alex Johnson



Rising 4th Year

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Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hey guys! I’m Alex, that super friendly guy you probably met at lessons. I’m currently serving as the Social Chair for the club. I remember joining salsa two years ago and not having even the slightest idea of how to dance, not knowing anyone, but feeling excited that I get to learn these dances that so many people enjoy. The club took me in, introduced me to some of the most happy and friendly people I’ve met, and showed me how fun dancing can be. Ever since then I’ve been in love with the club and I want everyone to experience the passion and love that I have for Latin dance.

              I want to be your president because I feel the club has so much more potential to improve many of the issues that generally come to mind. I have been reaching out to many members, alumni, and even those who chose not to join salsa regarding their feelings about the club, and I wholeheartedly agree that we need to improve a few aspects of the club. We need a larger emphasis on more comfortable dancing opportunities, more opportunities for new members and old to meet each other, and more bonding to make the new and old members feel more comfortable at lessons/events. Personally, I also feel that we should continue to improve the diversity within our club by increasing the emphasis on the history, styles, and passion of the dance-related Latin culture.

              What makes me qualified to be President? Working as the social chair and helping other exec members has given me a good understanding of what it means to run the club, what each role entails, and how to help each position. Choreographing a dance has given me a good understanding on how the showcase process works, and how to help those within it. Being a non-instructor member at lessons for years and observing dozens of different instructors and the reactions/feedback of the club members, has given me a unique insight on what makes an effective instructor and how to help them guide lessons. Lastly, I am an extremely responsible, friendly, and capable person that is deeply committed to this vision of a more fun, more inclusive, and more dance focused club that everyone enjoys and feels like they belong.

              Here are a couple of my ideas to create more comfortable dancing and meeting opportunities for all members. Instead of the current linear warmups, small more sociable groups could be made to get people to meet each other and warmup with some basic social dancing with the aid of an instructor. Also, I would bring back on grounds social dancing like at the OHill forum, but possibly at different venues. The goal is for people to feel comfortable, joke and learn with their new salsero/a friends, and have a blast at every lesson and event.

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