Ali Burk


rising 3rd year


Artistic Director

Why do you want to be a part of the University Salsa Club Executive Board? 

My first semester in Salsa club (this past fall), I fell in love. Rehearsals quickly became the highlight of my week, and I did everything I could to become more involved. I want to be on exec because I want others to share this experience. I feel that the current exec board is doing a phenomenal job with the organization of everything, but as Artistic director, I would like to keep up with the transparency and communication between the board and the members. Additionally, I would like to encourage (and somehow make it more attractive for) people to choreograph for the showcase, so that eventually, there won't need to be a "three dances then you have to choreograph" rule.


How do your talents or abilities make you well-equipped for your desired position? 

I have held a couple of leadership positions in Salsa club including Marketing chair for SalsaFest, and this semester, I will be taking on the position of Assistant Artistic Director. Through Sigma Delta Tau, I have been Publicity chair for our annual Philanthropy event, as well as a committee chair for recruitment this spring. All of these positions have involved the organization of people, time management skills, and strong communications skills (and also checking email 5000 times a day, which I expect to be a large part of being Artistic Director :) )


How would you describe yourself to someone who did not know you?

Since I've been to like 12 internship interviews in the last couple of months, I've practically memorized an answer to this question ...organized.... motivated... communication... personal skills .....but that's lame. So since this isn't a job interview...I'm kind of a huge nerd (computer science and statistics major waddup), but I also like to think I hide it well :). I love to dance (all styles), and I've been a musical person for as long as I can remember, so dance was just an extension of music. I love running, crafting, baking, and also watching Netflix for far too many hours on end. I also love animals and volunteer at the SPCA in Cville on occasion, usually just as an excuse to walk dogs and play with kittens.

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