Ali Burk



rising 4th year



Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hey guys! I’m Ali and I’m a rising fourth year.
If you know me, you know that Salsa Club is my life. This club has given me confidence, lasting friendships, and most importantly, a family. I’m running for president because I want to give back to all of you guys who have done so much for me.
During my time in the club, I have served many positions within Salsa Club’s exec board. For the past year, I have served as Artistic Director and was Assistant Artistic Director to Jaqui the previous semester. I have also been in many showcase dances and am choreographing the exec dance this semester. My second semester in the club, I served as Publicity Chair for SalsaFest under last year’s Events Coordinator, Lydia. This experience taught me the ins and outs of planning such an incredible and massive event. I also work closely with Lexi, the club’s current secretary, to revise weekly emails and help organize our calendars. Additionally, I have spoken with Ira and Zach, the club’s previous two presidents, to discuss what has and hasn’t been successful in the club when they served in this role.
Despite my own love for this club, and my time working with exec, I will be the first to admit that we still have areas to improve as a group, especially when it comes to having a cohesive club. Since the club is so big, it can be hard to feel like you belong, but I want to change that. Whether this means encouraging more dancing opportunities such as O-Hill social dancing, creating more intimate social events like our pizza and s’mores night at Malcolm’s lawn room earlier this semester, or bringing back Salsa Families, I believe increasing inclusivity is something that would greatly benefit the club.
I joined Salsa Club because of my passion for dance, and each semester I'm finding more and more people around Grounds that share my passion and find their own sort of home in this club. I want to see us increase our membership and continue to create our salsa family for more people looking for a place where they can make friends, learn to dance, and most importantly, have fun!

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