Dalton Applegate



Rising 4th Year


Lead Instructor

Who you are and Relevant experience:

I’m Dalton, I’m a 3rd year and this is my 3rd year being a member of the best CIO on grounds: Salsa Club! I had never danced before I got to UVA but thanks to all the lovely people in this club, it has become the centerpiece of my life. During the small times when I’m not thinking about dancing, I’m studying in the engineering school (electrical engineering), practicing my saxophone, or hanging out in Shea and New Cabell practicing as many languages as I can (mostly Japanese but a little Italian and German too). On top of social dancing both here and in NoVa, I have been gaining experience from my 6 showcase groups so far (2 of which were choreographed by me) as well as from being an instructor this past semester. I’m aiming to combine this experience with my outside skills to teach the club moves that will make them better social dancers as well as arm them with the cultural knowledge of where these traditions we are participating in come from. I want to emphasize connectivity with both your partner and the music as well as fluidity between moves so that the resulting technique is seamless, effortless, and most important fun for everyone involved.

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