Dhruv Sheth



Rising 3rd Year

Position running for:

Events Coordinator

Who you are and Relevant experience:

What’s good guys. I’m running to be your events coordinator. I was part of the salsafest committee this past year and served as both logistics and promotions chair, so you know imma kill it this year as the head honcho of the operation. I not only plan to have salsafest bigger and better than ever, but I also want to make it a priority to bring the best instructors in the United States, or perhaps even internationally, that we can. But salsafest isn’t the only part of my job! I also want to make it so that attending salsa congresses, such as bachata Congress, is much more accessible to all. And I’ve got loads more ideas, specially concerning non showcase salsa events at UVA, but I can’t give all of them away before the speech ;). So come out and vote for me, ya boi

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