Dhruv Sheth



rising 2nd year

Position running for:

Social Chair

Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hello all, I'm Dhruv Sheth and I want to be your next social chair. I've been an avid salsero since joining my first semester this year and been fortunate enough to be able to participate in 2 showcase dances. As your social chair, I will be doing some stuff that I already do. For instance, I've brought in at least a dozen members to salsa this spring semester simply through my enthusiasm, and I will continue to expand our organization through interacting with non-members. It has also come to my attention that our organization sits on a loooot of money. Thus, in coordination with next years treasurer, I want to expand the amount of social activities we do as a club. This includes more parties, bar nights, or maybe even a tacos and tequila event paid for by the club. The possibilities are endless, and given my imagination and commitment to the club, I believe I can make all of these events happen with your support. Vote for me homies!

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