Diana Villanueva


rising 2nd year



Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hello all fellow Salseros! My name is Diana Villanueva and I am running for Treasurer as a current first year. Y'all are probably wondering how a first year can be qualified for this position. Let me tell y'all why I would be the perfect choice!:

1. PASSION: Both my parents are from Peru. My mother grew up with salsa and never even taught me the basics! I’ve always wanted to learn the dance and when I heard about salsa club at UVA, I had to join! From lessons to meeting new people, I love the positive environment! I’m proud to be a member of the University Salsa Club and it would be absolutely amazing to be more involved in a club that I truly enjoy!

2. DEPENDABILITY: Although I wasn't selected for showcase my first semester, I auditioned again and grew more involved within the our salsa community. My constant motivation to be more involved, means you can count on me to always do more than 100%!

3. EXPERIENCE: I was selected for the 2018 SalsaFest Committee towards the end of my first semester here. As the Funding Chair, I applied to endless funds for some money! That means I have experience in funding which is perfect for a Treasurer! I am also a member of the Towards a Better Latin America (TBLA) Fundraising Committee and successfully worked on funding for an upcoming conference called “Evaluating Latin America (ELA).”

4. IMPLEMENTER: As the Funding chair for the 2018 SalsaFest, I utilized timeliness and efficiency. I applied to funds such as VPSA and the Cultural Programming Board in order to successfully fund the event, attended committee meetings and kept in contact with both the Treasurer and Event Coordinator. As Treasurer, I will make sure there aren't extraneous expenditures to ensure that the books are balanced and open for review to ensure transparency.

Select me as your next Treasurer if you want someone who is willing to go great lengths to make sure that the job is done better than amazing!

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