+ President

Must have served previously on the Executive Board for at least one year and be comfortable as “The Face” associated with the University Salsa Club. Oversees the mechanics of the organization and ensures that it operates smoothly, including reserving space for weekly Monday night lessons. Leads the administrative portion of the Executive Board meetings. Delegates tasks among the board in order to ensure harmonious proceedings.

+ Lead instructor

Must have served previously as an Instructor for the University Salsa Club and be capable of teaching both lead and follow moves. Creates weekly lesson plans and clearly outlines the tasks of the instructors before the weekly practices. Leads the instruction-planning portion of the Executive Board meetings. Holds auditions for the remaining instructor positions and subsequently creates a preliminary list which must be approved by the entire Executive Board.

+ artistic director

Must be very organized. Schedules and reserves space for the semester showcase. Creates timeline for auditions, dress rehearsals and final performances. Organizes choreographer and dancer auditions. Approves choreographies for showcase. Oversees and leads the placement of dancers into choreographies. Checks in with dances throughout the semester to assess their progress. With the assistance of the rest of the Executive Board, approves costume budgets. Handles and catalogues the costume box. Runs dress rehearsals. Organizes/delegates videotaping, making programs, and other necessary tasks for the showcase. Serves as a liaison between choreographers and the Executive Board. Appoints assistant at the beginning of the semester.

+ events coordinator

Organizes trips to salsa-related events outside of the University community such as salsa congresses, socials, and workshops. Is in charge of the organization and execution of the annual University Salsa Fest. Has power to select committee members for the Salsa Fest operation subject to the approval of the Executive Board. Must have previously served on Salsa Fest Committee or experienced Salsa Fest or a salsa congress to run for this position.

+ social chair

Organizes publicity for the University Salsa Club’s events. Plans social events. Organizes and oversees the design, production, and distribution of University Salsa Club t-shirts and other paraphernalia. Orders Instructor shirts for the next year and/or new Executive Board. Having access to a car is ideal for this position.

+ treasurer

Handles the financial business of the University Salsa Club. Keeps detailed records of the organization’s expenditures. Works with the Executive Board to outline a budget at the beginning of each semester. Collects dues, t-shirt money, and excursion money, when necessary. Reimburses expenses pre-approved by the Executive Board (e.g. showcase costumes, food for events). Monitors bank account. Must attend financial meetings that are required by the University of Virginia.

+ secretary

Handles announcements, weekly/bi-weekly emails, correspondence with club members and other CIOs, general email inquiries, listservs, and other business materials. Records minutes at the Executive Board meetings. Manages the calendar of events. Records lesson videos. Requires a large amount of writing, experience coordinating groups of people, and good organization skills.

Although this organization has members who are University of Virginia students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs.

The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization's contracts, acts or omissions.