Fall 2017 Salsa Showcase Demo Videos

An intermediate Salsa Dance for the enthusiastic spirit. We are avocado lovers, cilantro enthusiasts and sour cream consumers. In this dance you’ll NOT ONLY learn about Salsa, but also get a flavor of zouk and bachata. We expect to practice a total of 3 hours a week covered in 2 practices and mandatory bonding will happen throughout the semester :). Beginners welcome!

Hey, What's Up, Hello all you lovely Bachata Lovers!!! When it comes to dancing Bachata, Caroline and Malcolm are more excited than a couple of six-year olds pulling up to the Magic Kingdom on a hot summer day! WE WANT YOU to come with us on that trip of a lifetime as we dance an Intermediate Bachata to Por Si No Te Vuelve A Ver by Ralf Sanchez & DJ Soltrix!! We will be practicing twice a week for about 1.5 hours each practice! This dance is going to be festive, flirty, and a whole lot of fun!  We are looking for people that love to smile, love to dance, love roasting marshmallows, and love eating Caroline's food, so if any or all of that appeals to you, then this is the dance for you!

THIS ONE’S FOR THE LADIES!! Hello, Jaqui and Claire here, the dynamic duo bringin’ you a FIRE ladies’ bachata to “Tu Y Yo” by Maite Perroni open to girls of all skill levels! We’ll be doing some body rolls, some sweet footwork and showing the audience what ~ladies~ are made of !! We are expecting the time commitment to be around 3 hours a week, divided in two sessions. And get ready for a bunch of quality bonding time too (cookies?? Taco Tuesdays?? cocktail nights?? HOO KNOWS) We can’t wait to get this dance on the road and teach you guys all we know!! If you want to have a great time and learn some new sexy moves, we’d love to have you on our team :-) come talk to us if you wanna know more! Much love xoxox

What’s up everyone!! We’re choreographing a Cha Cha to Havana by Camilla Cabello, and we are pumped for this dance! Don’t know how to Cha Cha/ never even heard of it? Don’t worry about it! We can teach you everything you need to know, and before you know it you’ll be killing it on the dance floor. We’ll be practicing 2 times a week for a total of 3-4 hrs, and there will be many mandatory group-bonding events. Number one priority is to have a good time, and we’re excited to kill it this semester.  

Are you a salsero who has a lot of enthusiasm and who isn't afraid of a fast and energetic song? Do you want to learn more amazing spins and dips? If that describes YOU then join us, Rebecca and Jared, for about 4 hours of practice a week, as we learn to dance an intermediate salsa con sabor to Celia Cruz singing Yo Viviré. (Experience not required.) We can't wait to dance with you and get to know you through fun activities, especially social dancing! AZUCAR!

What is good in the hood y’all! Aaron and Taylor here! We are doing an Intermediate Lyrical Bachata to “Slip” by Elliot Moss. If you’re looking for a fun bachata dance, this is the one to join! We are planning to have practice for about 3-4 hours a week, split up between 2 days. While some experience is preferred, we do want to take some beginners, so don’t be shy! I was picked for a difficult dance, the wonderful Te Vas, for my first showcase, and Taylor was one of the choreographers! We are excited to see all of you at auditions, so don’t be afraid! By the way, there will be mandatory group bonding, which will be tons of fun!

WHATS. UP. FAM. Catherine and Christian here choreographing a beginner-intermediate salsa to La Gran Fiesta by Olga Tanon, and as the song title suggests, we are about to have a big ole party all semester long ;) We are looking for enthusiastic dancers, whether you’re brand spanking new to salsa or have dabbled for a while! By the end of the semester we will have you looking like PROS no problem. For example: this preview looks hella cool right? If you attended the free salsa lessons you have actually already learned some of these moves. HOW BOW DAT. We will practice 3-4 hours a week split between two practices, along with major group bonding including mandatory partner special handshakes. Get ready to meet your new salsa fam, we can’t wait to work with you! :)

Hello salser@s!!! We are calling the rueda, a super fun improvised dance, to Gente de Zoooooona’s “Algo Contigo”. The rueda is a circle dance, with a slightly different salsa step than normal, but have no fear! At the end of the semester you will become a bonafide rueda god/dess. If you’re new to salsa and want to learn fun social-dance-worthy moves with some cool people, this is your dance. We look to practice between 3-4 hours a week with possibly longer practices closer to the showcase!

Have you ever been completely tied up, in the dark, wet, and utterly disoriented. That’s what it’s going to feel like being in this dance. We put the scare in scary. We don’t even know what to make of this unlikely duo, but somehow the crying beautiful baby that is despacito came out da womb. But honestly this dance is going to be like bam. boom. shabling. and we would love if you wanted to be in it lol also it’s pretty difficult so hope you know how to dance and be fun let’s hang out we also want friends haha see you soon. We’re about to rip up the dance floor with our crazy moves and can do attitudes.

This dance (Despacito by Luis Fonsi) is a hyper – advanced on2 salsa, but really if you guys are willing to work your butts off then we’re super happy to have you. We plan on meeting 2 times a week with sessions lasting 1.5-2 hours (longer if we get distracted). Overall, Hayley and I set a goal to create a dance filled with moves that no one in the club has ever seen / done before and, wow, it really kind of went off road and turned into an absolutely action packed spectacle of a dance. We’re very excited to teach you this semester as every move can be used social dancing :).

Nick and Lydia here! We are choreographing an On1 Salsa to El Yeyo by Vincente Garcia. If you are as in love with this song as we are  // want to learn some kick-ass lifts // are INTO social dancing or want to be into social dancing // want to be BFF’s, SIGN UP FOR OUR DANCE!!!  Also, as some of you know, Nick is my Salsa baby, which means that I was his first choreographer. While we are looking for dancers with experience, we were both chosen for difficult dances as newbies with no experience. To do good by our Matriarch Alexia Koch, we’d also like to expand our line with another promising newbie. :)

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