Spring 2018 Salsa Showcase Demo Videos

Are you a high energy salsera or salsero looking for a high energy dance to join this semester?? Then look no further than Dalton and Janee’s beginner salsa to Gipsy King’s Volare! We plan to practice for 2-3 hours a week and of course have a lot of group bonding time! No semester of salsa is complete without at least one game of Catan and a taco night. No experience is necessary but the fast paced beat will be fun for dancers of all levels! We’re super pumped to meet all of our new dancers so don’t be afraid to come say hi at auditions!

Hey hey heyyyy, all you salseros y salseras! We’re choreographing a sassy, fun-filled, intermediate salsa to Mayores by Mandinga, so be prepared to tear up the dance floor with these stylin moves. We’re looking to practice 3-4 hours a week with practices two times a week BUT we also wanna be a fam so expect some dope hangouts (trivia night, arches, COOKOUT, ???). We’re looking for dancers of all levels so our only requirement is that you be super excited to come out and dance your butt off! P.S. Cool kidz only

Hey guys!! Join our dance for a crazy fun, spintastic hit-filled semester!! We are choreographing an advanced salsa to Agua Bendita, by Victor Manuelle, so be ready to move, groove and improve your already fantastic dancing spirit! We are looking for a group of fun, enthusiastic people who want to go social dancing often and work on their salsa game!!! Be prepared for Master Chef Lexi’s glorious potluck dinners and many board game nights! We plan on practicing twice a week for a total of four hours.

Yoooo, looking for a squad to bond with and learn all about On2 Salsa. 2-3 hours a week -- anybody can come and learn. All levels welcome :)

Heys guys :) We are choreographing a bachata mix to three fire songz: Quitemonos La Ropa, Crazy Bachata Remix, & a mystery song. We are primarily looking for first, second, & third years who have never danced with us before :) Dance/music experience is a plus! We plan on practicing twice a week for a total of 3-4 hours. We are looking for a fun group of people and plan on chilling outside of practices! 🔥🔥🔥

QUE PASA, CALABAZA???? Your good pals, Luis and Viktoria, are choreographing an emotional intermediate bachata to “Ahora Que Te Vas” by Christian Daniel!! If you love *bachata* as much as us OR are excited to know what the heck we are SOOO hyped for and aren’t intimidated by a couple dips and lifts, then this is the dance for you!!! We would like to see you guys two-three times a week for a total of 3-4 hours, plus life-changing bonding :)))) First time dancers, don’t be shy as we are open to all levels of experience! “How bout if you and I, me and you, bailamos bachata?” ;)

Hey Everyone! Taylor Wolo and Rahul Kapoor here with a sensual bachacha to No Me Conoces by Marc Anthony. We're looking for outgoing follows and leads to be a part of our dance family. This intermediate/advanced dance will meet twice a week for 1.5-2 hours :)

Be a part of our AVENTURA as we choreograph a steamy bachata mix to “Mi Corazonito”. We are looking for sexy bachateros with some level of experience. Practice is 2 to 3 times a week in addition to mandatory pregaming… 👀 Let’s steal some Corazoncitos as we showcase this sexy number 💃🏻🔥

Are you a sexy mama (or daddy)??? Then come join us in our sensual intermediate cha cha to Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls. This dance is taking cha cha to places it has never been before. We are looking for dancers with attitude who are flexible and who are ready to get down. We plan on practicing twice a week for 3-4 hours, with many mandatory bonding events including some wild dance offs. No experience is necessary, but be ready for some nice cha cha technique and some BIG MOVES!

Dear Salseros/as, As esteemed choreographers of a Cha-Cha to "Ay Mujer" by Rey Ruiz, Douglas and Louise cordially invite you to join them in a fabulously fun-filled adventure this semester. This exclusively European choreography duo promise to not only teach you the mysterious ways of the Cha-Cha, but also French, Spanish and (proper) English ;). On showcase night, you'll leave the audience gobsmacked as you strut your stuff next to your 7 new chums. Toodle pip, old sport! See you there, Doug y Louise TLDR: Previous dance/music experience: preferred but not required Practice expectations: 4 hours a week (split between 2 days) You should join our dance, it's going to be fantastic!

This is an all guys salsa shine that will bring the house down! It'll be a mix of salsa, body isolations, fancy footwerk, hip hop and tricks. We are looking for advanced leads who know how to break it down 🕺

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