Fall 2018 Salsa Showcase Demo Videos

Yo, salsa bros and broesses! We are choreographing a beginners salsa to Azafata by Johnny Vazquez. (This recording does not do the song justice! Technical difficulties!) This dance will focus on social dancing moves and techniques throughout so you can get out there and show off your moves any time! If you’re new to dancing, don’t sweat it, we’re here to help and give you the skills you need to become a pro salsero! We are looking to do something a little different with this dance. First, we are aiming to help some new salseros find their ~fancy feet~ in the Salsa Club, so we are only looking for first and second years for this dance. Second, we (Nick and I) won’t be dancing so we can take *four new couples* to their first ever showcase! We are expecting to practice four hours a week in two chunks. If you’re looking to learn good technique for the social floor in a beginner setting, come out and have a blast with us!

Join us in this Traidora-ble begintermediate dance to have some fun and learn some classy and sassy styling. If those puns didn’t convince you then hopefully our dance will :) Our dance, to “Traidora” by Gente de Zona y Marc Anthony, is a more smooth and mellow salsa, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to show off your shimmy (Jared loooooves to shimmy)! We’re hoping to practice about 3 hours a week, not counting when we force you to bond with us. We are also looking to have a group of cool people that are down for some bonding, Sugar Shack, Pizza Hut karaoke (show off those singing skills too), and above all, social dancing!! We were never picked first for teams in gym class, so please please please put us as your first choice :) We promise we’re cool!

What is up peeps. This is Dhruv and Makenna and we’re gonna be choreographing to “Usted” by Juan Magan. We are choreographing a salsa with a little extra heat, so if you’re down to get a little funky this is the dance for you! This is an intermediate salsa, so a semester or two of experience is great, but not required. We will be looking to meet twice a week in 1.5-2 hour sessions for a total of 3-4 hours a week. But overall, while it's gonna be a grind to get this whole dance done, we’re gonna have a great time doing it! We’re definitely looking for a salsa family that is hype AF and looking to ball out at showcase and social dancing events. Look out for some yummy potlucks and other ~shenanigans~. Hope to see you at tryouts, don’t be afraid to get a little spicy 😉🌶

Hey y’all! It us! Quentin and Hayley! We are choreographing an intermediate On 2 Salsa/Bachata medley to Tu Sin Mi by Jehu El Rey and a super secret spicy bachata ;) On2 salsa is a smooth alternative to On1 (the salsa taught in lessons) that is danced in major cities like New York and Miami. We’re looking for people with some experience, but we welcome anyone who is willing to work hard and have FUN!! We plan on having two practices a week for 2 hours each and will help you build a firm foundation in salsa and bachata techniques. We also hope to become a little salsa family, so we will hang out together during several awesome social gatherings throughout the semester :) So excited to meet y’all at auditions on Monday! We love you already <3

Hey hey hey!!!! It’s Summer and Z and we are doing some fast and fierce choreography to “Como Tú Ninguna” by Lafame and Karol G! Our dance is an intermediate salsa, so 1-2 semesters of salsa or prior dance experience would be great, but what we are looking for most is ENTHUSIASM! So if you are a beginner and our dance makes you excited to get dancing, then we want you!:) We are hoping to practice for 3-4 hrs total each week (in 1.5-2 hr sessions). While we have to work hard to make our dance fire for showcase, we are planning on having some FUN with our salsa family! Get ready for potluck dinners, social dancing adventures, and some awesome bonding events! Can’t wait to see all your shining faces and sweet moves at auditions!!!

Hey y’all! I’m choreographing a beginner-friendly rueda to “La Gozadera” by Gente de Zoooooona! Rueda is a really fun variant of salsa that involves lots of partner changes, so this is the dance for you if you’re looking to get hype and experience something a little different. You don’t need to have prior dance experience—just a great attitude and the drive to make this a showcase to remember! Practice will be around 2–3 hours a week with 10 dancers, plus some fun bonding stuff every so often. Come say hi at auditions and show off those moves!

Hey guys! We are choreographing a beginner Cha Cha to “Calypso” by Luis Fonsi! If you’re looking for a lowkey beginner dance where you can get comfortable with the Cha Cha style and have tons of fun, then this is the dance for you! No dance experience is necessary, only a smile! We are looking to practice about 2 hours per week with 8 dancers. Makenna and I will not be dancing with our group in the showcase, but we are soooo excited to teach some smooth Cha Cha moves! Prepare yourself for some group bonding and tons of fun! Come say hi to us, we can’t wait to meet you! :)

Hey! We are choreographing an intermediate bachacha (part bachata part chacha) to Tumbao by Prince Royce. The song is super upbeat, so we’re looking for a group of dancers who are down to have some fun with us! We’re planning on practicing for two hours twice a week. Get ready for some awesome group bonding and pregames! Looking forward to seeing everyone at auditions! Don’t worry about dance experience; we’ll teach you everything you need to know! :D

Who’s mans is this? Not ours! Join us for an all ladies lead and follow dance with some ~snazzy~ shines. We’re looking for people of all years and dance levels. Whether you’re a fourth year who’s never done showcase or a first year ballerina prodigy, we want you for our dance :) We’re planning on practicing 3 to 4 hours a week. Liz likes to bake, Louise likes to “hydrate”, so whether you want a grandma or a good time, we’ve got you covered ;) Btw, our dance is a bachata to the Narcos theme song Tuyo by Rodrigo Amarante and another style (TBD) to a song (TBD). (We’re not a mess we promise). Please come talk to us before/at auditions, we’d love to get to know you!

Morgan and Will here! We are choreographing a beginnermediate bachata to “Animals” by Alex & Sierra. We’re looking for a motivated group of ~sexy~ people who like to laugh and goof around while looking amazing at the same time.. Salsa Showcase is our favorite part of the semester, and we can’t tear up the dance floor without you! We’ll meet twice a week for no more than 2 hours per practice. New to salsa? We’d love to have you. We want a mix of dancers, but no experience necessary. Just two requirements: a positive attitude, and you know what a Wahoo is.. See you out there, salsa animals.

What’s up guyzzz! We’re doing an intermediate bachata to “Princesa Mia” with a little ~merengue~ (not the dessert). We’re looking for a hype group who is willing to have some fun & energy when we dance merengue but can also transition to sensual bachata. Dance experience/musical experience preferred but not required. We will practice twice a week for a total of 3-4 hours, preferably not on weekends, because those will be reserved for our mandatory bonding sessions. Can’t wait to start our little fam :)

Hey what’s up!!!! Emma and Alex here with a super fun and sexy bachata to the DJ Cat’s Bachata Remix of “Say My Name.” It’ll be an intermediate dance, with some cool lifts/spins/ other awesome moves that make us look fantastic on stage. We’re looking for people who are down to have tons of fun dancing and also be a part of our loving salsa fam! We’re lookin at 3-4 hours a week of practice, with some surprise bonding activities and snacks thrown in!!! Can’t wait to see you all at try-outs and please come up and say hi we’re very nice and approachable people! :))

Hey you ;) We are choreographing a sultry intermediate bachata to JR’s Amarte Sin Amarte. This dance is full of hips, body rolls, and smizing so we are looking for people with experience.......being sexy! Whether this is your first showcase or your fifth, we welcome everyone! We will meet two times a week for a total of 4 hours a week. Don’t bring your grandma to showcase. We can’t wait to be your salsa family so choose us and let’s get our first practice (pregame) started!

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