Fall 2019 Salsa Showcase Demo Videos

Welcome! Who’s ready for a dance style the club has never done before? Alex and Jessica here, choreographing a Dominican Bachata to Aventura’s song, Peligro.

This bachata is fast paced and footwork heavy, as opposed to the sensual bachatas that we love and have been done in the past.

Pick us if you want lots of bonding, a ton margaritas (because we like to hydrate😉), and una familia nueva! This dance is an intermediate-advanced, but pick us even if you’re new.

We can’t wait to meet you all!

What’s up ladies and gents(and pets). We’re mega excited to be doing a salsa to Arquitectura by Mandinga. We’re not looking for any specific dance level, just people with hella enthusiasm. We want everyone to enjoy our dance and we value the social aspect, so get ready for a super fun semester!

Hey, we’re Ada and Julian. We are looking for some sexy & classy bachata fiends who are ready to grab everyones attention on the dance floor. Whether this is your first showcase or your last, we welcome everyone! We are looking for 3-4 hours per week to rehearse and have a good time. If you like margaritas, tequila, fam dinners, and lit pregames then this is the dance group for you. Come say hi to us during auditions, and we can’t wait to see you!

Hey guys! It's Will and Maddie choreographing a lively, intermediate cha-cha to Demasiado Fuerte by Alexandre Pires. No worries if you don't know cha-cha yet; we will teach you everything you need to know! We're looking for six more sexy dancers to bring this piece to life. We plan to have practices for two hours twice a week and lots of group bonding. See you at auditions!

Hey y’all! We’re Emma and Quentin and we’re excited for this semester of salsa! We choreographed a faster-paced advanced salsa to the song Sonido Bestial by Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz. If you want to have fun while challenging yourself, join us for an awesome and fun time! We’re looking for six dancers ready to dive in! We can’t wait :)

Oi it’s your favorite bachateros, Dalton and Makenna! We’re choreographing an up-in-your-feels bachata to Prince Royce’s Mírame. This is an intermediate dance open to everyone looking to step up your bachata game! We’re hoping to practice ~4 hours with tons more opportunities to hang out and get to know your new salsa fam :) Come find us during auditions; we can’t wait to meet you all!!

Our adv. bachata to Work Song by Hozier is all about rhythm and quality of movement. The song itself is full of interesting rhythms, and we’re excited to utilize every single one! It’s definitely outstanding for the music and style - that’s what makes it the best. Nick and I are both first-time choreographers, and we are so ready to have an awesome group of dancers to work with. We’ll be practicing twice a week, for between an hour and two hours depending on availability/learning speed. We don’t expect you to be perfect dancers, we just expect you to be dedicated to learning! dance with us!

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