Maddie Oxford



rising 3rd year

Position running for:

Artistic Director

Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hi All! I'm running for Artistic Director because I think it would be awesome to organize and promote Showcase! Last semester, I choreographed a cha-cha, which gave me a behind-the-scenes look into what goes into putting on a piece for Showcase. I have also performed in a salsa, two cha-chas, and a bachata piece, and I did ballet for 14 years, performing 3 to 4 times a year, so I have a lot of performance experience. That has given me an eye for technique, staging, and costuming. Additionally, through these experiences, I have learned how to advertise a show and get people to come out and cheer!

As one of the social chairs this year, I have had a lot of experience working on the exec board and organizing big events for hundreds of people, so I am confident that I could do a great job with Showcase!

I love these performances, and I want to get as many new people in them as possible! A few ideas I have to do this are to include more ruedas and all girl/all guy pieces to get newer people, who aren't as familiar with partner-work, into dances, so they can get experience. I also would look into reserving bigger venues, such as the Old Cabell stage and the Paramount Theatre, so that we can put on even more impressive shows!

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