Makenna Page


Rising 3rd Year


Artistic Director

Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hello fellow salser@s! My name is Makenna Page and I’m running for the position of Artistic Director. I’m currently a second year and this is my fourth semester in the club. I have had the pleasure of serving as an instructor for the club for the past year and have been a part of showcase both as a dancer and a choreographer multiple times. Looking forward, I hope to bring my experience in each of these positions and utilize these experiences to help better the club and continue to make showcase the best that it can be. I hope to continue to make showcase auditions more transparent and fairer for dancers and smoother and more comprehensive for choreographers. My experience in different aspects of the club makes me a good fit for the position as I understand different perspectives of members and already have a year of experience on exec. I’m excited to continue to be involved with the club and make it a more open, enjoyable place for all members.

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