Nick Lake

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rising 3rd year


Lead Instructor

Who you are and Relevant experience:

I am a rising third year student here currently transferring into the nursing school and I love salsa! I started dancing my first semester here at UVA with the salsa club and immediately fell in love with it and have gone social dancing and taken lessons at many different places both here in Charlottesville and in Northern Virginia. While I do not have as much dance experience as many people in the club, I have caught on quickly and always go out of my way to improve my style, technique and move set on the dance floor. I have a bit of a different view than many dancers because I follow and lead roughly the same amount and my skill level as a follow is around the same as my skill leading and I plan on incorporating that different perspective into the running of the club to ensure that both leads and follows learn things that help them become better social dancers. I also want to bring back some of what I have learned outside of the the UVA Salsa Club to change up what we are learning and bring some fresh new moves into the club. Lastly I really want to use this position to revamp some of the teaching strategies in lessons to make the lessons focus more around how to successfully social dance salsa and take what you know as a dancer from a list of cookie cutter moves into a fluid dance, making social dancing more comfortable for everyone and less daunting to try out if you are new.

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