Nishta Polam

Rising 4th Year


Social Chair

Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hey everyone! I’m Nishta Polam and I’m here to make salsa club more than just about dancing. Don’t get me wrong! Dancing is the best thing on the planet, only second to a Roots bowl or a 12-hour “nap” after a test (damn, I’ve been a college kid for too long). However, dancing can be more fun when you are surrounded by friends (and maybe enemies; haven’t tried that yet). This club is full of amazing people who are super friendly and are always willing to include incoming newbies. I want to facilitate this by organizing more social events that help form warm memories full of friends and dancing. Obviously this means salsa parties ! I also want to continue the sunset series at Carter’s-mountain, have more low-key social dancing events around grounds, game nights with food, and maybe even venture into singing with Pizza Hut karaoke (who said dancers can’t sing?!). I strive to work closely with the incoming executive board to help make this club a more comfortable place for incoming and current members to feel more connected with each other — not just with the tension in your arms but also with the memories you make :)


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