Nishta Polam

rising 3rd year


Social Chair

Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hi!! I’m Nishta Polam, a second year on the Pre-Med track, and I’ve been a member of Salsa Club since my first semester at UVa. It’s been two years now so I wanted to give back to this club and be more involved :) So far, I’ve been in two showcases and I cannot begin to explain how much fun both of those semesters were just because I was able to dance so much and get to know so many people. My vision for this club is to help its salseros and salseras feel more connected to each other by having different kinds of events, encouraging more people to join, and just carrying forward the positive environment of the club and building on it. I think it would be cool to have more “hang-out” events where it’s low-key and easier for people to get to know each other (for example, trivia nights, game nights, bowling, etc.).


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