Nishta Polam

rising 3rd year



Who you are and Relevant experience:

Hi! I'm Nishta :) I've been in Salsa Club since my first semester in college and it's been absolutely fun getting the chance to learn how to salsa while making a bunch of friends. I am running for this position because I believe that communication is key especially for a club as big as ours! In order to help people feel like a part of this club they need to be informed of the different things happening in the club and I think I can do a good job at spreading important information through emails, Facebook, and other kinds of media. For prospective ideas that could be implemented I think it would be cool to send out the lesson combos in the weekly emails one week after a particular lesson (so the current week's email would have the past week's combo). This would help keep people in the loop and motivate them to come to our lessons, especially if they're newcomers and are not yet in the Facebook group. I'd just like to spread my love for dance and encourage more people to explore this club :)

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