Susie Juarez Rodriguez



Rising 3rd Year



Who you are and Relevant experience:

My name is Susie, I am a second year student attending the McIntire School of Commerce in the fall and I am running to be your Treasurer. Whether or not you’ve met me in person yet, you have heard from me every week since the beginning of the school year. I have enjoyed my time as your secretary sending you the info on all things Salsa and I am ready to serve you all in a new role. As secretary, I worked alongside the treasurer welcoming new and old members into the club and making sure all dues-paying members had the opportunity to be informed and involved in the club. As your treasurer, I will do my best to figure out ways to make the most bang for your buck to be able to have enough funds for our events such as showcase, Salsafest, our parties and whatever else I can make happen! 

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