Susie Juarez Rodriguez


rising 2nd year



Who you are and Relevant experience:

My name is Susie and I am a first year student, like most people I know, I hope to get into McIntire next year. I am originally from Monterrey, Mexico so for me it was imperative that I learn some Latin dance moves in order to go to weddings and not look like a fool. Little did I know, I would be getting so much more than a couple of dance moves out of Salsa Club. I first joined this club last semester with no prior experience and was able to salsa my way into showcase. From lessons to practice to downtown social dancing, I have gotten a lot of experience while making friends along the way. The people I have met through salsa have been so welcoming and helpful as they teach me how to be a better dancer. As a result, I have invited many of my own friends into the club who have also joined. As secretary, I would want to be as inviting as the people who welcomed me into the club, spread the word of salsa club to new members and make sure everyone has an opportunity to dance :)

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